Solution….? Maybe

I’ve been reading up half the weekend on the endless reports of Windows 10 PC’s and indeed laptops too not waking up the monitor after it going to standby (though who is stupid enough to leave a laptop on long enough for it to even go to standby is a separate matter).

Some solutions say “set hybrid hibernation to NEVER”. Some say “set hybrid hibernation to ALWAYS”. Yeah thanks……

Eventually though I spotted someone’s own solution that might just make a little sense – I’ve switched my graphics card to the other PCI-Express slot – he cited “the one that’s nearest the CPU” and this one definitely is that one. The reason I put it in the lower slot is because I just wanted it away from my sound card to improve the airflow that comes through the front of the case from the 2 14″ front case fans – however minor that benefit might have been.

Anyway, time to see if this works. If not I’m going to remain out of my mind here. Constantly pressing reset on a PC whenever you come back to it after a few hours is not an option.

In other news, I think I’ve decided on a Gigabyte IPS monitor. I was going to auto-go Asus, until I started reading not 1, not 2, not a handful, but actual owner after actual owner of them bemoaning dead pixels on their monitors. So far I’ve not seen any response from Asus themselves about this one. One person was even asking if they buy up b-grade panels. When you’re spending £350 on up for a decent monitor the last thing you want to hear about is quite a few users having dead pixels – sometimes over several Asus monitors too. But in any case, I think I’m going to sit this one out a little and wait for a price drop. But after one reviewer mentioning noticing no light bleed whatsoever, that’s a very appealing sell. Display Ninja said “better monitors can be found” but Display Ninja basically says that about every single monitor ever released.

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