General Erection

Oh, did you think I’d abandoned this? Sorrrryyyyy!!

I just have to get my thoughts out on the General Election. This year’s was marred by the incessant fucking nonsense on Twitter, with shrieking from BOTH sides. There were fuck ups, there were lies and obfuscations, and all the while you had this underlying feeling that whatever anyone said, Alexander Johnson (what “Boris Johnson” is actually called) was never going to fail to win. I think what we saw towards the end was him running from any form of remotely challenging interview was what one commentator casually suggested – a total clamp down from Alexander’s advisers to just shut the fuck up and stop making yourself look like even more of a tit than you do already to the wider public, and just keep your head down and you’ll get over the line. This turned out to be true, sadly………or IS it sad.

No one who isn’t super rich wants Conservatives in power, but… was the best result. No, stick with me here on this one

Imagine if Jeremy had won, with his “oooh free broadband for everyone, yaaay!!” idiotic ‘promise’. And “ooh gonna re-nationalise the railways, yaaaay!”. Both utterly fucking stupid ideas. It’s way past the point of no return for nationalising something as massive as the railways. What the last Labour government did was fix parts within the privatised sector – when there was one too many rail crash due to the buffoonery associated with private companies running the tracks, what they did was make the company responsible for tracks and signalling a not for profit company. A GOOD idea!

As for free broadband, come on. Does he honestly have the slightest clue a) what exactly that would entail on a technical level and b) what the consequences would be in terms of competition among broadband providers. When you can get it free, who’d want to pay ANY of them? So “free broadband for everyone!” would equal potentially THOUSANDS of job losses as the various providers have no further need for them to run a paid service no one wanted anymore. Also, what exactly was he planning to do about outages, downtime, slow speeds, etc etc? Were we all supposed to ring some handy Government hotline? And what, exactly, would be the incentive to maintain a decent network without data or usage caps, when you have absolutely no competition? The fact I saw him call it “full fibre broadband” tells you all you need to know about his pitiful lack of knowledge about it all.

Weird manifesto promises aside, can you imagine what would have happened to the vote to leave the EU. It looked like if they’d won they’d have headed for a second referendum on leaving the EU. The ENTIRE UK was sick to fucking death of “brexit”. So imagine if they’d won, run ANOTHER referendum, solely of course due to being bullied into that by those who never accepted the “leave” vote of 2016, then, obviously, fewer people would have bothered turning out to vote AGAIN, because why should they? Knowing that the Government decided to ignore the result of the first one, what exactly would their sales pitch be for the second one? “Oh no, THIS time we’ll honour the result!” Fuck off. No one had any faith that any progress would have been made towards either result, and no one should have had any faith based on the past 3 years now of politicians only seeking to serve themSELVES and not the public it is their sworn duty to serve.

Nope. Much as I don’t like Conservatives and would never vote for them, this, for CERTAINTY and just growing up and getting the fucking hell on with leaving the EU (yes, yes, there is a long process) and preventing any attempt at doing anything much at ALL being scuppered by Labour, is the best result.

One bright point out of all of this is that Jeremy Corbyn has finally realised that no one apart from dickhead virtue signallers on Twitter think he’d cut it as Prime Minister. Thank fuck he’s finally given up flogging a dead horse. Can we just get someone with credibility back into Labour and get them into Government again please….?

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