I’m bereft of inspiration so I’m closing this blog.

Nah not really!! I’ve just been too busy chilling this weekend to put the effort in. Edited and uploaded the next Terminator build video to my YouTube, recorded the next one. Maybe I should edit that tonight and free up even more time next weekend. THAT would be a great move!! But I’m not really known for my great moves….

I also paid out £9.99 for the Skyrim..ahem…”Special Edition”. This, apparently, features “remastered HD textures”, which is presumably why in some areas I’m still seeing blocks of pixels as if the walls were made using fucking Minecraft. The flame effects are also far weaker than games by other developers made around 5 years before Skyrim came out. Honestly, Bethesda have to be one of the weakest developers when it comes to texturing and effects. “Oh but Stephen it’s all in the AI and the story, forget about the graphics!” Yeah that might work – except for the fact that in one of the early fights I was slashing away at an enemy and because he was also being attacked by the man I’d been following, it was as if I was an attack ghost, and I was completely and utterly ignored while he slashed away at my cohort. The story part I can’t comment sufficiently on yet but it’s not the most immersive experience so far! I wouldn’t normally take issue with all this but for the fact that this game is so often held aloft as some sort of ULTIMATE RPG that your game collection simply would not be worth bothering with if you were without it.

The other game I bought right alongside that one was Euro Truck Simulator 2 Gold Edition for the princely sum of £4.87 off I’m looking forward to driving my lorry all over Europe but what I’d REALLY enjoy is a car simulator. Why hasn’t anyone made one??!! People have their endless flight simulators, train simulators, and travel hundreds, thousands of miles, for no actual reason at all, so in that regard, why not one for a car??

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