Yep that’s right I tried out Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration today. I didn’t ramp up ALL the details to max, but most of them – and I’m pleased to report it runs smooth as silk on my fucking beast of a PC. I may continue to push the remaining handful of detail level settings to max and see what happens.

The opening sees you, as Lara of course, walking up a snowy mountain peak, then trying to reach the summit. The graphics were beautiful, the music score was soaring. Clearly this game has very high production values – it was all great. BUT..the whole time I was trying to traverse about with the grappling hook, I was just itching to use the PS4 controller. This is what I suspected might be the case. Every fibre of the game-play mechanics just oozes console controller method. On the one hand it’s a shame because from the evidence I’ve seen the PC version looks way superior to the version that’s on even the PS4 Pro. But on the other hand, come on, it’s Tomb Raider – shouldn’t it always play better on a console…?

Seeing what I have and experienced what I have so far even in the short time I tried it out completely sold me on getting the PS4 version. And who knows – maybe they’ve pushed out some graphics upgrades since that comparison video was made. Maybe too they might even push out another one for the PS5 – and you’ll see levels of detail more akin to the PC version. We already know the PS5 will mercifully run PS4 games so you won’t need to hope for a re-release of this title.

“But how do I get past that lens flare??” (Image (C)SQUARE ENIX LTD)

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